*Welcome To Siamaiden Patterdale Terriers*

I have had terriers of some sort for all my teenage and adult life ,I just could not imagine a life without a dog around me ,I have have a variety of different terriers thoughout my life ,My first was a jackrussell of the old type with bandy legs and a face only her mother and me would love I was only 13 and she was already quite old when i got her ,But she was a demon ratter down the local tip and around the local farms were my mates and i would go with our sling shots and air rifles Many a happy day was spent with her And many was the the day i would skip off school just to be with her,Later on in life i got interested in showing so i needed a more classy looking dog ,But it still had to work , So i bought a couple of lakeland border terrier cross type dogs  But by the time i had married i was showing pedigree border terriers and patterdale terriers,And judgeing around the terrier and lurcher shows ,On loseing my main border terrier male BASIL to work i found i could not get the same or similar working  instincts in a border terrier ,Haveing in my opinion been ruined by kc standards which breed more for looks than there true vocation ...I am sure there are those of you that disagree and are still dedicated to the border terrier as i once was, 

But for me these days i just have patterdale terriers

14in black smooth and rough coated power houses of muscle

 dedicating there selfs to there owners and work.   

jenny, jet and riot.

DEFRA reg   working patterdale dogs 


   jenny and jet always something to find in the garden   squirrel   ?????

                            contact us email siamaiden@btinternet.com                            phone...........07890897551      

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